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Well, it is that game I was shared one year ago behind "Project Untitled", and I picked it up again after I had been busy with other things for a while in the middle, and thought of the name halfway through . 😂

The story opens with Rin being much higher than all around her leaving her hometown for an adventure with her best friend Kagura because of a coincidence. Although the opening is somewhat old-fashioned, it can also be said to be similar to my last work well. (You can even see the same scenes and dialogue as in the previous work 😂)

The current route is basically a relatively gentle, perhaps because I am a little chaotic good tendencies, or I do not know how to do like blood and rubble and other cruel scenes.

All my current Patreon pledger and new pledger with 8$ and more can get early access builds, with decrypted assets, higher resolution of images and optional build with testing features enabled.

Feel free to come and talk to me on Discord or elsewhere if you have suggestions or return questions.

Known issues

  • Some scene may not be triggered correctly if you use mouse click or touch for movement.

Reporting bugs and giving feedbacks.

The demonstration version left developer console on (Press F12 for executables.). So you can grab logs from console if errors occurred.

Or you can provide me "error_logs.txt" in your game folder. Certainly I will help you for these if you don't know how to do it :-)

I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned 😃



序幕的演示视频在这: https://playroom.kitsunes.world/w/qJbdU1Xnv4MqGunrdnCSh6 ,目前的完整流程(?)大概一个小时左右吧。(虽然按我画的饼来看好像只完成了一章来着。)


除了下面的讨论板以外,你也可以在 GiantessNight 论坛GiantessWaltz 论坛或者狐狸村来问我其他的问题。

在 Patreon 上赞助我的话,可以更早体验预发行版本,以及未加密的素材什么的。





Beta 版可以在运行时按 F12 打开 Chromium 的开发者控制台,如果你觉得你在哪里开始炒饭了的话,你可以从那里收集日志。

此外你还可以把存档目录 (saves)发给我让我帮你炒。(x)


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